Recruitment Services

Since people play such a pivotal part of our business, we take special care to recruit the very best security people using latest interviewing techniques, background checks and where necessary personal profiling. 

Our trained, licensed and professional security officers provide the image and possess the abilities required to deliver the best security guarding service anywhere in New Zealand. 

Recruitment is an extremely important part of any business. We can also work with organisations to help them employ their own inhouse security teams, thus ensuring a robust and independent process is carried completed which delivers the best results. Often Bespoke Security Group will provide a temp to permanent solution in these cases, allowing clients the time to conduct their own assessment before offering direct employment.


Obtaining new business can be straightforward; the secret is maintaining it to the standard’s expected by our valued clients. This requires us to have stringent quality control processes in place including:


Training is core to ensuring our team is maintaining high levels of personal fitness and understand the law relating to their position as a licensed security officer. 

Deployment Brief

This document covers all relevant policies, procedures and relevant safety issues and is a combination of both the written and verbal expectations from you, as our client.  

Regular Meetings

We visit all sites where we have a security presence regularly, to ensure all aspects of our operation are meeting your expectations and to identify opportunities where we can add further value.

Bespoke Security Group is your source for licensed, professional and career minded security officers throughout New Zealand. 

Now let us help you protect your organisation from risk, so you can focus on what your business does best!